Join the Section Leadership Committee

Consider becoming a member of the Section Leadership Committee (SLC).  The nominations committee is hard at work in accepting names for the 2018 team. Follow “this link” for information on each of the different SLC positions and let Scott Rutherford know of which capacity you’d like to support the team.

ASQ Recertification Changes

Based on member feedback, ASQ Recertification has increased the recertification unit (RU) point thresholds significantly, rewarding section and division activities. See if these changes work to your advantage by checking them out here after clicking on “Read More”.  You’ll see that there is even more of a reason to come to more meetings!

Root Cause Analysis for Today’s World – Two Day Workshop

Problem Solving is a fundamental skill of LEADERSHIP. Yes, problem solvers must be adept at the management of resources, but the most successful leaders are better than average problem solvers. This comprehensive and dynamic two-day course will offer new ways to view and address the all too familiar challenges in today’s workplace. From prioritizing issues, […]