ASQ’s Main Site – Website for the professional society of the career quality professional.
ASQ’s Certification Handbook – An Adobe PDF document containing facts and tips for aspiring certification test takers.
ASQ Six Sigma Forum – Website which is web-based membership that focuses on Six Sigma practices
ASQ’s Service Quality Division – Website which focuses on service quality.
ASQ Section 1104 – Website for the ASQ Richmond chapter.
ASQ Section 1128 – Website for the ASQ Tidewater chapter.
Quality Resources Online – The website for all things related to quality. Start here for researching quality areas.
Hampton Roads Quality Management Communities – Network regional professionals and resources for productivities improvement
HRISPI – The Hampton Roads Chapter of the International Society for Performance Improvement
INCOSE – Website for the local chapter of the International Council on Systems Engineering.
U.S. Senate Productivity and Quality Award for Virginia – Virginia State Quality Award

How to Create a Continuous Improvement Culture

Getting the Most Out of Your Organization’s Core Competencies

Align Competencies to Create the Culture You Need

Fighting Against “The Way We’ve Always Done It”